Be Green This Christmas, Save Trees Merry Greestmas

What fate have you prepared for Xmas trees this year?

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Save Xmas trees

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Don't care about it

Do nothing and see the last Xmas tree disappear.


Facts You Need To Know To Help Nature

Annually 10 billion trees are cut down worldwide. That is 1.5 times more than Earth population. It takes 10 years for a Christmas tree to grow up, but it takes only half a minute to cut it down.

Xmas tree consume 30 kg or more of carbon dioxide per year. 30 kg are almost the monthly amount of carbon dioxide produced by a human. One Xmas tree can consume 9 tons of carbon dioxide per lifetime.

Think globally, act locally. Christmas trees are beautiful. They are endangered. We must show respect to the nature and protect Xmas trees for our children and grandchildren.

Make a present

Be different this Xmas. Even a small snowflake can start a snowfall.

Be original

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